Kenton’s Cup

“Hey, Matt, guess what? Jake just got a hat trick!” my sister-in-law said to one of her six sons at a soccer game after talking to another son’s coach on the phone.

“That’s awesome!” Matt responded.

I was lost.

I’m a soccer Mom, but I only have one son and he’s the first of my children to play soccer so I’m behind on the lingo. I had no clue what a “hat trick” was if it wasn’t something Houdini did involving a white rabbit.

“What’s a hat trick?” I asked stupidly.

My son rolled his eyes. “Duh, Mom. It’s scoring three goals in a game.”

“Well, if someone I knew had ever done that before, I’d be in the know.” I snarked back.

Bad Mom Award, I know. But I couldn’t help it, and I think it’s good for my kids to know where they get their wit.

Being a soccer mom is pretty darn fun and I am trying to learn the game rules and jargon. It’s taken two years of Jason explaining over and over what “off sides” is, but I’ve finally got it. I think.

I have to know something I can trash talk about on the sidelines and, “He’s totally off sides!” seems to be among the most popular complaints. But yelling that when you’re totally wrong can make you, your husband, and your son really embarrassed, so you gotta know your stuff.

That’s why it’s good for me to learn what a hat trick is and not just assume it has something you do with your head like it sounds like it should, so when some kid knocks the ball into the goal with his head I don’t yell from the sidelines, “Cool hat trick!”

This weekend I will have the opportunity to use soccer lingo as I watch my son Scott participate in “Kenton’s Cup” soccer tournament. Kenton Reynolds of Hyrum is my son’s age and is battling with leukemia and all the tournament proceeds go to help with medical expenses. Scott knows Kenton and wanted to support him so he and his friends put a team together.

Kids helping kids in need is awesome.

I’ll be an especially proud soccer mom on the sidelines this weekend and I’ll try not to yell anything embarrassing from the sidelines.

I told Scott to try and nutmeg a guy in the game.

Oh, yeah. I’m a fast learner.

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