On Again, Off Again

ON: Piano lessons for my kids with my mom in North Ogden right after school on Friday.

OFF: No piano lessons on Friday because my parents decide to come up to Scott’s soccer tournament on Saturday, so we’ll do piano lessons afterward at my house. Kids scatter to party with friends. Jason and I go on a date. Yay!

ON: Get up at 7 a.m. Saturday and drive in my pjs to drop Scott off for team check-in at the tournament.

OFF: Arrive home at 7:20 and, just as I’m crawling back into bed, receive a text that the tournament has been postponed until Monday because, even though it’s a gorgeously clear morning after a night rainstorm, the city officials think the field is too wet and will get damaged with use. Lame. Gave up a perfectly good Saturday sleep-in for nothing. Drive in my pjs to pick Scott back up. Go to the tournament’s Facebook page and whine that it’s lame to change the tournament because people woke up early and families might already have plans for Labor Day, like tickets to the Brigham City temple open house.

ON: Call my parents to tell them the tournament is postponed, so we’ll drive down and do lessons now then try and get into the open house afterward since our day has unexpectedly freed up.

OFF/ON: Just as I’m putting on my dress, I receive a text that the tournament is back on, just delayed a couple of hours to give the field time to dry out a bit. Whining apparently works. (Don’t tell my kids that.) Call my parents to tell them our trip to their house is off because the tournament is back on, so we’ll just go back to doing lessons after the tournament and go the temple open house on Monday.

ON: Scott’s team dominates the first two games and rocks on to the next round.

OFF: Clouds roll in bringing thunder and lightening, so they call off the rest of the games until Monday.

ON: Just as we get the car loaded, the storm blows over and we get word that games will resume in an hour after the fields dry out a bit.

OFF: My parents decide to stay for the games, but say they can’t stay after for piano lessons because by then it will be too late for them to get back in time for a wedding reception.

ON: Scott’s team dominates in the third game and rocks on to the championship.

OFF: Clouds roll back in bringing thunder and lightning, so they call off the championship games and decide to base the winners on the teams’ records so far. Scott’s team is disappointed not to play another game, but takes the trophy in their division. Yay!

ON: My parents decided they’re too tired to go to the wedding reception so they can come over to our house to do piano lessons.

OFF: When we get to our house, my Mom realizes she forgot to bring the new music the kids need to prepare for the upcoming recital so she can’t give them piano lessons.

ON: Beds and couches for a long nap.

OFF: Our brains.

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