Fall Affair

It’s September!

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons and one of those reasons is that it’s BOOT SEASON!

Oh, oh, oh, how I LOVE boots and in the fall all the new designs come out. I wander through shoe departments in stores and get drunk on the smell of leather, drool over catalogs that come in the mail, and scroll through page after page online of boots, Boots, BOOTS!

I’ve already found the pair that’s going to be my torrid affair of the season.

Of course, I always fall for a pair that’s out of reach for my budget, so I have to admire from afar.

They’re called “Joan of Arctic” boots.

Isn’t that a cool name?

It’s a power name.

I bet if I wore them I would become bionic and get so much more done, and look so hot doing it.


Beautiful torture.

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