The Great Tower of Zucch

The veggie gods have spoken and they say, “Let there be zucchini!”

Even though grasshoppers, magpies, and deer have decimated almost everything else in my garden, they apparently don’t like zucchini because they have gone untouched and are coming in droves.

I swear, I check my plants one day and there are a couple tiny sprouts and overnight they multiply and burst into ginormous green and yellow monsters.

We’ve made zucchini bread, muffins, fried zucchini, deep dish zucchini pie, zucchini fajitas, zucchini patties and on and on. We’re seriously zucched out and still they come.

It’s time to spread the wealth of the garden gods among my friends and neighbors.

Watch your porches.

Check your unlocked cars.

You may very soon get zucched.

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