Pre-Halloween KISS-off

The Halloween shops are open.

We went in to check out the latest looks in creepwear.

While we were having fun trying on masks and snapping spooky pics, a store clerk came and told us we weren’t allowed to take pictures of their merchandise.

I asked why.

She said it’s because their company doesn’t like their competitors to know what they have.

I asked her if we looked like spies.

She said no.

I asked her if they had a website promoting their products.

She said yes.

I asked, “So, wouldn’t your competitors be able to see all your merchandise on the website anyway?”

She said yes.

So I asked her what the big deal was.

She said, “I don’t know, lady! That’s just what my manager told me, so stop taking pictures!”

Some people don’t need a mask to be scary.








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