What a messy weekend of college football it was for the two “blue” teams I follow.

First, let’s get the Aggie rant out of the way.

If I see one more newspaper headline that says “So close!” or “Almost!” about an Aggie football game, I’m going to hurl. Everyone always goes on and and about how much talent we have, how far we’ve come, how the Aggies have more possession time, yardage and totally outplay big, important, ranked teams like Wisconsin, even when we lose, blah blah blah.

Nobody cares if you don’t freakin’ WIN!

Winning is EVERYTHING! Anyone who tells you any different has been reading way too many Covey books.

Sure, we beat the Utes and that was AWESOME, but if we ever want to be taken seriously in the Bigs, then we’ve got to beat the teams from the conferences the ESPN suits tout when given the opportunity.

Then there’s the Cougars.


The annual “Holy War” against the Utes was more like “Holy, warped!”

Riley Nelson’s quarterback skills are quickly turning from scrappy to crappy. He may be a hustler and super nice guy who rallied the team last season after hot-shot-hopeful Heaps fizzled, but niceness doesn’t matter if Riley can’t hold onto the ball when he runs or throw anything but a dead duck pass.

Thousands of psychotic fans running willy nilly on and off the field while you’re still trying to play a game can be a distraction, yes, but letting the Utes rally with three scores in the third quarter was the Cougs undoing, not the stadium bouncers’ shortage of stun guns.

And what’s up with BYU’s kicker?

The kicker has one job. ONE JOB! To kick the ball through the goal posts when he’s called onto the field. This is a kid who is handed a free college education to be able to perform one task. You’d think he’d practiced so many kicks that he could make it from any distance or angle with his eyes closed while juggling knives and spinning a plate on his head.

But noooo. BYU’s kicker managed to hit a 4-inch-wide post while missing the eighteen-foot-wide opening next to it in the last second of the game to lose it. I think for every kick he misses he should have to reimburse the university for a credit.

Yeah, so the Utes pulled out the ugly win, but what does it say about a university that will give diplomas to thousands of students who can’t even follow basic instructions they should have mastered in kindergarten such as, “Stay in your seats.”

And even as I write, I’m watching the wrap up of the BYU vs. Boise State game where BYU botched a two point conversion out on the Smurf Turf to lose it in the last seconds of the game.

All I can say is Bronco is going to need his big vocabulary to try and explain that call. And Riley is on the ropes—more dropped balls and flailing passes. Backup QB Taysom Hill scored the six measly points BYU managed to squeak out. I know Bronco and Riley are like besties, but do they like each other enough to share a dorm while they both look for new gigs?

Ags are up again on Saturday against Colorado State.

Come on, Blue! No more last minute bluepers. I’m tired of being a blueser.

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