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Healthcare needs serious help.

We’ve been self employed for seventeen years now and finding affordable healthcare and insurance is a constant struggle. We’ve opted for high deductible insurance to keep our monthly premium low, which means doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency care, etc. are all full price out of our pocket until we reach the deductible, which we never do since it’s so freakin’ high.

This past summer my son had to have surgery on both his feet. When the bill came for his first foot, I choked and cried, then paid it. He had the exact same surgery done on his other foot four weeks later and when I got the bill, it was $3000 more than the first one. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE!

That’s some serious inflation.

No way was I going to just send a check without an explanation.

I called the hospital billing department, “Hello, this is Kari Rich and I just wondering how much a glass of grape juice costs there?”

“What? Who is this?”

“It’s Kari Rich, and my son had the same surgery done on both his feet at your facility and the second surgery cost $3000 more than the first surgery, and I remembered the only thing different about the two surgeries was that the first time my son got one glass of grape juice and the second time he got two glasses of grape juice, so I figured the additional cost must be the grape juice, right? I mean, my son said the grape juice was tasty, but that seems a little pricey doesn’t it? If I’d have known that second glass was going to be so much I’d have told my son just to wait until we checked out and we’d go get 400 Jamba Juices and still come out $1000 ahead.”

“Uhh, let me look up your account, Mrs. Witch, did you say?”

After some discussion and reevaluation they sent me a new bill that was for the same amount as the first surgery, slightly less even.

Besides squashing someones grapes, I hardly know how to go about battling the three-headed monster of Big Drug, Big Insurance, and Big Medical, and Obamacare is NOT the solution, but I did find a lil’ somethin’ to help my family’s medical budget today—Logan’s “Five Minute Clinic.”

I’m a BIG FAN!

My daughter Ivy has been complaining about an earache the past few days and when it didn’t subside by ignoring it, like we do with most health issues when we don’t have $190 for an office visit, we thought we better get her some medical help.

My friend, who is also self employed, told me about 5 Minute Clinic and how great and reasonably-priced it was, so I thought we’d give it a go.

It was everything my friend said it was. We didn’t have to wait forever, sign our life away, or forfeit Ivy’s college education to help her get well. Owner and medical provider, Chris Morgan was kind, efficient, thorough and helpful, and the visit cost less than half of what I pay at a doctor’s office.

Did you know they do physical exams for just $35?

When I told another self employed friend about this she cursed me for not finding this out before. To get three boys to scout camp this summer she had forked out over $500 for physical exams.

As we were leaving, the receptionist offered us a piece of candy from the jar on the counter.

I was hesitant, but the receptionist reassured me, “It’s free, I promise,” she coaxed sympathetically. I’m sure she sees a lot of post-traumatic healthcare syndrome victims at their clinic.

I took a piece of candy. It was grape, and tasty.

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  1. Reply Michelle Barber Sep 24,2012 11:42 am

    Kari you are so spot on! Now you can treat your family including me to a bazillion Jambas.

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