Click n’ Eat

Online school lunch payment:

With all the technological advances, I cannot believe it has taken this long for such a valuable service to come about.

I shudder to think of the number of mothers who would have been spared from the psych ward had this been available sooner.

It has changed my life completely.

For instance, this morning, just as the bus was pulling up the road to our stop and I’m frantically shoving multivitamins down my children’s throats while one is trying to put on shoes, one is trying to find shoes, and the other is printing out the history paper that she wrote at midnight last night, two of these children say, “Oh Mom, by the way, I need lunch money!”

Usually, this request would send our already chaotic morning ritual into manic mode with a typical loud exchange between mother and child that goes something like this:

“Why do always tell me at the last minute?”
“Because I don’t remember until I’m going to school!”
“Well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.”
“That’s what you said yesterday!”
“That’s because you told me at this same time yesterday!”
“I’ve already gone without lunch for three days because they took my lunch card away for being too far in the hole, again!”

Then I pull out my checkbook and scribble out checks while running down the driveway in my Snoopy pajamas, then hand my children checks through the bus window just before it pulls away.

But not this morning.

When this typical last minute request came and their irresponsibility was about to become my guilt, I casually said, “Okay, I’ll take care of it.” I waved goodby to them in my Snoopy pajamas from the privacy of my doorway, then I went inside, logged in to my new account at and put money at three different schools with a couple of keystrokes.

No neighbors saw me in my Snoopy pajamas.

No putting my head through my knees to stop the post-sprinting hyperventilation.

No lunch lady shaking her head in sympathy as she denies my children of lunch, again.


Sometimes the world is just as it should be.

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