I’ve noticed there’s a new trend in cheer wear: The Non-pleat Skirt.


Why is everything going so high-tech?

Jumping around, spinning and dancing is so much more fun to do and see with the motion bling of pleats!

Cheerleaders wearing these no-frills butt-huggers are always having to yank that tight mini back down after a jump or kick, whereas the pleated skirt is self-restoring after tricks.

This pic highlights some of the uncomplimentary aspects of the pleatless skirt. Why purposely invite wardrobe malfunction?

Pleats are also much more flattering for the full-figured cheerleader.

I was one, so I know firsthand the benefits of the pleat.

As a former employee of Coleman Knitting Mills, where I sewed thousands of pleats on cheer skirts as a summer job in high school, I just want to let all of you streamlined pleat-snubbing spirit squads know you are contributing to the national unemployment rate.

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