Frank n’ Friend

Remember the “Joyriding Easter Bunny” from this spring?

Well, the bazaar boat display has been updated for Halloween.

Free-riding Frankenstein is at the wheel now.

Since discovering the Cache Valley “character boat” earlier this year, I’ve biked past it many times anxious to see who the next crazy captain would be.

I’ve been disappointed.

Since Peter Cottontail’s wild ride, the boat has been vacant.

No “Uncle Sam” for the 4th of July.
No “Pioneer” for Pioneer Day.
No “Union Worker” for Labor Day.

I was starting to think the bunny was a one hit wonder, then Frankie appeared—and he has a devoted companion.

That horse wouldn’t budge for anything. I waved, whooped and hollered trying to spook her away to get a better pic, but Johnnie wasn’t going anywhere.

How do I know the horse’s name is Johnnie?

Because . . .

Frankie and Johnnie were lovers.
Lordy, oh how they did love.
Swore to be true to each other.
True as the stars above.
He was her man, he wouldn’t do her wrong.

Frankie better not do wrong by Johnnie. We all know this classic Elvis tune doesn’t end well, and hooves can be deadly.

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