Waldo & Wenda 1

Where’s Waldo & Wenda?

At my mom’s annual Halloween party!

When Jason saw these pics he said,
“My stripes are fat.”

Where’s Waldo?
Looking at pics being self conscious about his stripes.

Mine are actually too thin compared to the official Wenda look. My mom thought I was a Christmas elf. But I was too cheap to pay $39.95 each for the official costumes at the Halloween store, so I did my own scrappy version.

Where’s Wenda?
At WalMart and the dollar store being cheap.

It was worth the savings. Our two costumes together cost fifteen bucks!

Men’s striped polo: $5 at Plato’s Closet
Women’s striped polo: Free – already had it (it was actually the inspiration for this costume idea)
Red and white hats: $2.50 each at WalMart
Glasses: $1 each at the dollar store
Red pompoms: Free – made with yarn borrowed from my knitting neighbor
Red and white striped tights: $5 in a Christmas clearance bin at Shopko last January. I pick up such things when I come across them because you never know when red and white striped tights will come in handy—and they did!

Where’s Wenda?
At Shopko scoring a deal.

The party was a hit!









Where’s Waldo & Wenda?
Decorating pumpkin sugar cookies. Doing the cupcake walk. Getting prizes at the fish pond. Eating donuts off a string. Getting their faces painted. Trunk or treating out in the parking lot.

Mom knows how to throw a bash.

Where’s Waldo & Wenda?
Passed out on the floor from a sugar coma.

Afterward we helped Mom clean up.













Where’s Wenda?
Sweeping the kitchen. Mopping the gym.

Where’s Waldo?
Out in the parking lot “taking an important call,” or so he said.


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