Negative Effects

Did you know a camera has a setting called “negative?”

I didn’t know this until I was clearing off my SD card the other day and came across images like this.

This setting makes pictures look like those ancient relic materials we used to make those antique forms known as “photographic prints.”

Of course my techy kids would find this setting, and of course they had no idea what a “photographic negative” was, they just thought the setting was super cool so they took about 150 pictures of their faces in sundry poses like this.

I don’t even want to know what those spots on his tongue are.

It does work well for a Halloween effect though.

My son made me feel as ancient as a photographic negative this morning when I was excitedly telling him about all the fun activities I have planned for his Halloween party tonight.

“You guys can bob for apples, and I have a ‘Spooky Bingo’ game . . .”

“Dude, (that’s me, apparently) that sounds painful. We wanna do fun stuff. You know, just mess around, play on the Wii, watch funny stuff on YouTube.”

“But that’s what you do with your friends everyday. It’s a Halloween party. You should do Halloweenie stuff.”

“Your stuff definitely sounds ‘Halloweenie.‘” (sarcastic emphasis on “weenie”)

“There are prizes for the Bingo winners and I got M&Ms to use as the card markers.” I desperately added.

“Can’t we just eat the M&Ms and hand out the prizes?”

“NO! You have to earn your prizes and you’re using the M&Ms for Bingo markers or I’m keeping them to eat myself!”

“Whoa dude, easy. Okay, we’ll play your lame games before we have fun.”

Why don’t I feel like I won?


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