Economic Boombox

I know how to fix the economony.

That’s right!

A simple homemaker from Cache Valley, Utah has figured out the secret.

All these politicians with their bail-outs and complicated strategies are completely overthinking it.

Do you want to hear it?

Here it is . . . drum roll . . .
Play Christmas music.

It’s that simple folks, I’m telling you.

I’ve been in a funk ever since Tuesday night thinking the world was going to hell in a handbasket. I had plans to pull all our money out of the bank, build a bomb shelter and start hoarding usable items.

Then this morning I was shuffling through the store selectively choosing only non-perishable items I had coupons for, when I heard a Christmas song come on over the loud speakers.

It’s the first one I’ve heard played in a store.

Suddenly, the black cloud that’s been hovering over my head for three days dispersed, and it was as if a choir of angels flitted down from the heavens singing a message of hope, peace, and commercialism!

I chucked my coupons.

I put back my canned goods.

I left the grocery section and started skipping up and down the aisles of electronics, clothes, jewelry, movies and music. I started making mental Christmas lists for the kids and thinking about what to get my neighbors and friends. My cart quickly filled up with stuff I didn’t need.

It was awesome!

Christmas music, people, I’m telling you it’s the answer!

After all, like Rush says, we did just elect Santa Claus for president.

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