Hoofin’ It

Hi folks! Here is a great craft I found on Pinterest! It’s super easy and uses materials you can find right around your house. (Materials and instructions below.)
















Materials: 1 goat (4 legged), formaldehyde, stuffing, 1 tree trunk, shellac, super glue

Step 1: Go out and shoot a goat.
Step 2: Chop off his legs about a foot above the hoof.
Step 3: Remove bones, muscles etc.
Step 4: Stuff and apply formaldehyde. Bend legs at a 90 degree angle and put aside to set.
Step 5: Hack a piece of wood off a tree trunk, with the bark, 3 feet long, 10 inches wide.
            Shape as desired. Be creative!
Step 6: Drill four holes in wood, spaced evenly apart and large enough to fit legs snugly.
Step 7: Generously apply shellac to wood. Let dry.
Step 7: Fill holes generously with super glue and stuff legs in, upright. Let dry.

That’s wasn’t “baaaaaaad” at all, was it?  Now you have your very own “Goat Leg Coat Rack!”

Note: Great gift idea!

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