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The Mountain Crest High School theater department is putting on The Pajama Game this weekend and I’m the proud mother of a cast member.

My daughter plays “Katie,” who has five crucial lines in the show. She does a fabulous job in the chorus and as a dancer, and she’s had a blast being part of it.

Being raised by a musical junkie mother, I am well acquainted with this musical which debuted on Broadway in 1954 and was then brought to life on film in 1957 by golden girl, Doris Day. But for all the times I watched this classic on VHS as a kid, I never noticed how risque some of it is. My daughter said their director even edited the script quite a bit to clean it up for a school production. I suppose when the cast is wearing petticoats and pumps and flitting around singing about the company picnic you don’t notice lyrics like:

Look at Charlie up a tree kissin’ Katie’s ear.
Charlie’s wife is mad as hell!
Oh well, it happens once a year,
And this is that once-a-year day, once-a-year day!
Everyone’s entitled to be wild, be a child, be a goof, raise the roof,
Once a year!

Look at Papa Halterbush, 92 today,
Running off with Sadie Lee.
He’s heading for that pile of hay,
Cuz’ this is his once-a-year day, once-a-year day.
Everyone’s entitled to be wild, be a child, be a goof, raise the roof,
Once a year!

Infidelity? Dirty old men? But it’s okay because it only happens once a year at the company picnic. (Yes, my daughter is the character “Katie” who’s supposedly kissin’ up a tree with a married man.)


Here’s part of another song:

Picture this, you sitting here waiting for her to come back from a date.
Here she comes, her blouse is unbuttoned, her stockings are not very straight.
Later on, she gets a bouquet with a card in it saying, “Baby, you were great.”
Well, Hinesy, what would you do then?

Picture this, you’ve got nothing to do so you drop in to chat for awhile.
Somethings up, the windows are open and Gladys is forcing a smile.
There you see, a shirt and a tie and pair of pants in a nice neat little pile.
Well, Hinesy, what would you do then?

Katy Perry is not as original as she thinks she is with her racy lyrics.

I guess the only difference between entertainment now and entertainment then is somehow “Technicolor” made innuendo seem more innocent.

It is a really well done production though, so go see it! Just don’t sing along if you bring your kids.

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