Thanksgiving Sinner

It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’ve just returned from an 8 a.m. spin class at Gold’s Gym in Richland, Washington. The sister who I’m visiting is an instructor at Gold’s and since she’s around for the holiday she had to cover a few exercise classes for other instructors who were out of town, so I’ve been tagging along with her.

She felt bad about having to work a little bit while we we’re here, but I assured her it was actually a good thing.

I arrived at her house yesterday afternoon after having snarfed a good portion of a Twizzlers bag and half a box of Cheese Nips on the car ride, so when she had to head off to Gold’s to teach an evening Body Pump class I was anxious to engage in some caloric repentance.

This morning’s workout was a preemptive repentance session in a desperate attempt to compensate for the premeditated sin of gluttony I will shamelessly commit later today.

Before you judge too harshly, I’ll tell you I’m not alone in my evil plot in this quaint little hamlet of Washington state this morning.

When we arrived at the gym at 7:50, there was a crowd of people waiting by the doors freezing their padded buns off in their bike shorts while waiting for management to open the doors so they could ease their mutually troubled consciences too.

My sister informed me there are only 29 bikes in the spin room and there were more than 29 people hovering in bikewear to catch this one single spin class of the day, so I was going to have to haul it in there to secure a place.

When the doors opened, I wasted no time in pushing and shoving past people as politely as I could to get to the spin room.

I opted to skip signing the visitor roster like I was supposed to, since such a delay would surely cost me a seat.

Gluttony, selfishness, dishonesty—my list of sins was quickly adding up!

I did manage to snag one of the last bikes, and the class was great. My sister is a slave driver and properly put us sinners through workout of hell on wheels.

But I’m sure it won’t be enough.

Preemptive repentance never is.

Oh, but the food is going to be divine!

Last night I made homemade buttertop rolls, a chocolate peanut butter mousse pie, and a cream cheese frosting-filled pumpkin roll. This morning the house is filled with the aroma of turkey as my sister and brother-in-law whip up gourmet stuffing, a sweet potato concoction filled with brown sugar, pecans and spices that have completely obliterated any vegetable properties, and an apple raspberry pie made from grandma’s recipe.

After I overindulge on these delicacies, I’ll add yet another sin to my list—idleness.

We have big plans to plop in front of the TV to watch football and movies until we drop off to sleep.

Despite my rebel tendencies, I am very aware of how blessed I am.

I have much to be thankful for—wonderful family, warm home in a beautiful community full of amazing people, freedom, peace, prosperity . . .

My list could go on and on.

But as I sit down to our feast today I will be especially grateful for one thing—padded chairs.

That spin workout gave me a serious pain in the rear.

Serves me right.


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