Back in Black

We were up at the crack of ten this morning to find some deals on Black Friday!

I’m definitely not an “early-bird-door-buster-deal” shopper. I like to go out later in the day just for the seasonal atmosphere and see what deals are still available, but I’d rather pay triple price than wait outside a WalMart with a bunch of freaks at 3 a.m. on a frigid November morning.

Actually, I did another spin class with my sister first thing this morning.

Apparently I’m a glutton, and a glutton for punishment.

All I can say is it’s a good thing I’m done having kids.

I thought since I’m an avid road biker my anatomy would be properly prepared for the rigors of spinning.

Not so.

It turns out stationary bike seats and postures are quite different from that of road bikes.

So, it’s probably a good thing to get out and walk around today since sitting around for very long is painful.

My sister, my two girls, and I hit the mall for a girls day out shopping in the tri-city area. As a Cache Valley girl I jump at any chance to venture out into the world and see what other cultures have to offer in mallness since the Cache Valley Mall is kinda pitiful. When my California-raised sister-in-law moved to Cache Valley, she was aghast at what we dare to call a “mall.” She stood in the center where you can spin around and see the whole thing and said, “This is it?”

We did find some great deals, and some not-so-great deals that we bought anyway because they were sooooo cute!

We didn’t find much for Christmas gifts, but we four girls are set for holiday wear!

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