The Regan for the Season 3

We had coveted Brian Regan tickets for Friday night at the Eccles Theater—fourth row, center.

Oh yeah.

We could see his nose hair when he pulled those funny faces. It was AWESOME!

I’ve seen Brian Regan live three times now and he never disappoints. He did all new material, and I would know because we own all of his dvds and cds, and our family can pretty much carry on a conversation in Reganese.

He’s my hero.

Well, one of them. I’m not so completely shallow that the only person I look up to is a standup comedian, but he is towards the top of the list.

Brian Regan is my hero because he can find the funny in anything. And he is good clean fun, which is tough to find in this world. He takes everyday things and situations and makes them hilarious.

Most comedians start out clean and funny, but then they run out of creativity and eventually sell out to smut.

Not Brian.

He can make cooking a Pop Tart funny, buying a refrigerator funny, choosing a donut funny—he can make ANYTHING funny!

What an amazing talent to stand on stage with no props, no sets, no band, no nothing! and completely command an audience’s attention and invoke hysterical laughter for over an hour with just your original words and expressions—and clean to boot!

He sells out show after show doing this.

I’m in awe.

And super jealous. What a fun job!

Jason was almost going to bail on me for the show on Friday, even though the tickets were his Father’s Day gift and we’ve been looking forward to this for FIVE MONTHS!

He’s a scout leader and they were having a camp overnighter, which included our son, and since he’s a good scout leader and a good father he felt like he should go. (Yes, they were still having it even though it was pouring rain. We have some seriously die-hard scouters.)

Jason’s a much better person and parent than I am, because there is NO WAY I would miss seeing Brian Regan live to go camp out in the mud and freezing rain, even with my own offspring.

Madi was totally encouraging her Dad to go camping because she got to be my date to Brian Regan if he bailed. She was working him pretty good, “Dad, you only have one son and these tender years of his youth will pass by so quickly. You don’t want to have any regrets.”

But in the end, my selfish ways rubbed off on Jason and he joined me for an evening of laughing our guts out.

It was just what I needed to kick off the sometimes-stressful holiday season.

Thanks Brian, and “Take Luck!”

3 thoughts on “The Regan for the Season

  1. Reply Steve Dec 4,2012 10:38 pm

    We went on saturday. Great show. That was the most clean cut, homogenous crowd I’ve ever seen at a comedy show.

  2. Reply Jana Dec 5,2012 8:39 am

    Soooo jealous!! I’m there next time for sure!

  3. Reply Walker Feb 7,2013 4:13 pm

    True story regarding Regan. Years ago, maybe ten years ago, a friend of mine’s older sister tragically lost her husband at a young age. Her eldest son, who was ~13 at the time, used to listen to Brian Regan CDs with his dad all the time when he was alive. When his dad passed away Brian Regan was the only thing that cheered him up. My friend was able to get his nephew to a Regan show when he came to Houston even though he was 13. After the show (which was awesome) the comedy store manager came up to us and said, “Mr. Regan would like to meet you all back stage.” We were floored! We all went back stage and Brian said, “I heard about what has happened to your family and just wanted to let you all know you are in my prayers.” Class act guy!!! He was awesome. Under the radar stuff you neve rhear about.

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