A Heady Gift

What to get my husband for Christmas?

The Annual Dilemma.

Buying for women is way easier than buying for men.

With women the possibilities are endless: shoes, clothes, jewelry, perfume, books, home decor, salon services, beauty supplies, kitchen items, chocolate gift baskets, and on and on!

And all the stores and boutiques that carry these goods have an anxious staff of female sales clerks ready and willing to help men spend money on their sweeties.

My husband is past the age he should be wearing bling-pocket jeans and not look like a creeper, and he prefers to buy his clothes at Cal-Ranch anyway.

He doesn’t hunt, fish or golf.

He doesn’t wear cologne.

He likes to read, but he’s perfectly content to reread his complete set of Louis L’Amour in paperback.

He’s not an electronics buff, or a gamer—thank goodness.

He paints, bikes, and rides horses, but he has all the brushes, padded shorts, and saddles he needs for that, so what’s left?

Then, the other day I was driving the kids hither and yon across the valley to their activities when I came across the perfect gift for the simple man who has everything—a totem pole!

I mean, who couldn’t use a few more heads?

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