Mad Monday





Monday, Monday.

I got a speeding ticket on my way into town this morning.

I was driving on a road that’s known as “the old Mendon highway.” The word “highway” is misleading because it sounds like the speed limit would be a highway speed, like at least 50 mph.

It’s not.

It’s 45 mph.

The road is about 12 miles long through a rural area with no stop signs or lights and you pass about one house per mile.

Cops LOVE this road. It probably feeds all their families annually.

I usually watch my speed VERY carefully on this road, but this morning I was feeling all holiday peppy because there was a light snow flurry and Justin Bieber’s catchy Christmas tune “Mistletoe” was playing on the radio. While feeling lighthearted I was apparently lead-footed and got nailed for going 55.

Talk about a mood killer.

Then, as I’m running errands around town, I got a call from my bank to notify me about some “unusual activity” on our account. Somebody’s got a hold of our credit card number and is spending willy nilly online at Saks New York. We have to dispute the charges, destroy our credit/debit cards, and freeze our account for 10-14 days until the dispute is settled.

Real convenient for the holidays.

Then my daughter came home and sheepishly informed me she got a ticket for accidentally running a stop sign that was behind a snowy tree on a dark side road early this morning on the way to school.

How could I get mad at her?


I think my heart is two sizes too small today.

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