Brilliant Birthday

Getting old isn’t going to be bad at all if I get to have birthdays like this one every year.

I mean, when you start the day opening a birthday card with a monkey singing about flinging poo on it with love from your husband and kids, you know it’s going to be an awesome birthday.

At 6:20, Scotty came in to snuggle with me for a few minutes like he does every weekday morning while we wait for his sisters to finish getting ready. Even though Scotty does this every morning, it still made for a sweet birthday treat because, first, I consider any morning my twelve-year-old son will still come snuggle his mother a gift. I don’t know when he’ll decide he’s too old and too cool for that, so I treasure every time. Second, as he snuggled up to me he said, “Happy Birthday, Mom.”

So cute.

Jason made my favorite breakfast—waffles with strawberries and cream. Then I got to open my gift from the kids, which was picked out with a little help from their dad.

Beautiful new BOOTS!

They know me so well.

And not just any boots, but the boots I added to the top of my internet browser bookmark months ago. I visit them daily to covet.

They are called “Joan of Arctic” boots and I put them on immediately to conquer the day. They make me feel like I could win any battle just like Joan of Arc, or at least look really great while I get burned at the stake.

I debuted my boots in public when a friend took me out to lunch. She gave me a bag of Riesen candy. She rocks.

As I ate my tasty gourmet pizza, I thought about my birthday punking friend, “Rex” and how at this very moment he should be biting into the sandwich his wife packed in his lunch that had a big plastic bug in it I gave her to secretly plant inside the tuna. I wrote on the bug with a Sharpie, “It just wouldn’t be your birthday if I didn’t “BUG” you, would it? Hee hee!”

So far this punking tradition has been a one-sided thing, but this year Rex decided to retaliate. He left a wrapped gift on my porch early in the morning. It was a package of 48 plastic spoons?

I didn’t get it either. But stand by, the spoon plot thickens.

The rest of the day I actually had to spend sewing the jacket for Madi’s dance dress, but with Hulu playing on my laptop and a bag of Riesens to snack on, it was a good way to spend a birthday.

That night we met Rex and a bunch of friends at Cafe Rio for dinner. I told Rex’s wife to bring the bug along and we secretly replanted it in his burrito. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Rex had more wrapped presents for me—two more boxes of plastic spoons. Attached was a note that told me to be patient because the meaning of the spoons would soon be revealed.

At first I thought the spoon thing was just him being last minute and trying to throw something together, so he grabbed something out of his pantry, wrapped it, and left it on my porch just to be stupid.

But now I knew it was premeditated.

The meaning of the spoons is yet to be revealed.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m afraid.

Anyway, after dinner came the biggest surprise and best part of my birthday. Jason drove me to beautiful downtown Logan to S.E. Needham Jewelers where our friend Gene Needham IV was waiting for us for a private customer session.

Jason had arranged for me to choose a new wedding ring since I lost mine a few months ago.

Jason knows how upset I’ve been about losing my ring. I’ve searched every nook, cranny, corner, pocket, drawer, couch, closet, rug, cupboard, crevice, purse compartment, shoe, sock, etc. to find the ring I’ve worn constantly for twenty years and never misplaced before.

My finger has felt so naked I even bought myself a cheap-o metal band to wear until my ring turned up, which it will, I hope.

Jason had a better idea.

I felt like a new bride as I perused the cases and tried on ring after ring in the showroom I had all to myself with Jason and Gene doting on me.

I will always love my first ring, and I do hope it turns up, but I have to say, it was super fun to chose a new one!

It’s brilliant and beautiful! I’ll guard it with my life.

What a birthday!

Singing monkeys, power woman boots, girls’ lunch date, bag of Riesens, birthday punks, dinner and lots of laughs with friends, and new finger bling!

Bring on the years, bring on the wrinkles, I’ve got the love of family, friends, plenty of punk ideas and a lifetime supply of plastic spoons.

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