Hip Hip Hoo-rag!








Welcome to my first gig as an official “Product Reviewer.”

The marketing rep from Hoo-rag contacted me and asked me if I’d try out their product and review it on my blog.

I said, “I’m totally in! Rag me!”

Do you know what a Hoo-rag is?

Neither did I until recently, but they are way cool!

Hoo-rag: A seamless cotton-polyester blended micro-fiber super-versatile bandana that is moisture wicking and fun to wear!

A couple days ago I received my “Sunflower Power” Hoo-rag in the mail and I’ve been rockin’ it ever since.

Over the next few weeks you can follow along as I incorporate the Hoo-rag into my active lifestyle.

If you want one too, check out all their rad styles HERE!

Happy Hoo-ragging!

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