Bike Rag

I used to have a winter biking hoodie that went up over my forehead and zipped all the way up my neck and covered my whole head nice and snug.

It was the only one I had like it and I wore it so much to bike in cold weather that eventually it just dissolved in the wash. When I tried to find a new one, I found out they don’t make them like that any more.

Apparently the all-in-one-head-zip-up-hoodie went out of style.

I was way bummed.

I loved that thing. It kept my ears, neck and head perfectly warm while biking in the cold.

Now they just have those ear wraps, or beanies, but neither of those cover my neck, and I don’t want to have to put on a neck wrap, and an ear wrap, and a beanie to get the coverage I need.

What’s a biker girl to do?

Never fear, Hoo-rag is here!

Problemo solved!

The “Balaclava” worked perfectly to keep my whole head unit warm, and even has the option to pull it up over my mouth and nose if I need it, which is an option my hoodie didn’t have.

Bring on the sub-temps, Cache Vally. I’m biking through the winter with Rag swag!

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