We Wish You a Sushi Christmas 1

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup,” said Buddy the Elf as he doused his plate of spaghetti noodles with syrup.

I think I must have been raised by elves too because my eating habits this holiday season haven’t been very humanly beneficial. But my four food groups have been: Fresca, baked goods, chocolate, and sushi!

I think I’ve had sushi twice a week this whole month.

I’m addicted.

It hasn’t helped that my favorite sushi place has had all these “December Specials,” like “Buy one roll get one free Mondays!” and “Half price Thursdays!”

That explains the twice a week thing, doesn’t it.

Well, I have been out and about in town more this month with shopping, shipping, errands, and such, and a girl has to eat to keep her stamina up while pulling together Christmas magic for everyone, right?

I tried a new roll. I’m usually very loyal to my favorites, but I uncharacteristically branched out and ordered the “Sexy Roll” one day (shown in pic).

Just look at it!

The presentation made it too pretty to eat, almost.

Even though its description in the menu has always been appealing, I’ve never ordered it before because I have a thing about foods with erotic names.

I don’t know if it tasted “sexy,” but it was as good as it looked.

Confession: We even went out for sushi for Christmas Eve dinner.

That’s right. We bumped our traditional Bethlehem dinner that we’ve been doing with our children for 14 years to Christmas Day lunch because the enticement to sushi binge with Buddah for the holiday was too much to deny.

Even though the staff didn’t sing “Deck the hars with bows of horry, far ra ra ra ra, ra ra, ra, ra,” not having to cook or do dishes on Christmas Eve made it perhaps the best Christmas meal ever!

Of course, I’ve made plans to turn over a new leaf after the new year and swear off of sushi, and Fresca, and baked goods, and chocolate.

Then, yesterday I heard an ad on the radio, “New Year’s Special! All sushi half off everyday for the month of January!”

Self improvement is overrated.

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