Bald Beauties

Apparently, the latest thing in Hollywood for an actress to prove herself is to shave her head.

Getting fat for a part used to be the ticket to the Academy Awards, but that’s totally hack now.

Any waif can go on a Krispy Kreme binge for a few months to play a trashy psycho, then after the movie wraps she hires a personal trainer, a professional chef, and an acupuncturist to help her slim back down in time for the red carpet.

But short of planting Chia seeds on your head, there’s no shortcut for growing hair back.

That’s true commitment to your craft.

I would know because I once braved the pixie cut myself. I didn’t go completely crew or cue ball, but I’d just given birth to my second child in three years and my hair was coming out in droves in the shower, so I thought I’d help the postpartum process along and chop my hair off.

Jason stayed with me through this look only because I was the mother of his children.

At least these women get millions of dollars to look like prisoners of war.

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