Speedy 2

I have a lead foot.

I always have.

Even as a toddler my right foot lagged a little as I learned to walk.

OK, I made that up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

I got my first speeding ticket a couple weeks after getting my permit.

A friend had come home with me after school one day and when she needed to get home nobody at her house could come get her and none of the drivers in my family were home either, so I drove her myself.

She only lived a couple miles away in our little suburban bubble, right?

I got nailed going 46 in a 35.

When the cop looked at my permit, which meant I was supposed to be driving with a licensed driver, he turned to my friend in the passenger seat and asked, “Do you have a drivers license?”

She strategically answered, “Not with me.”

Hey, it was the truth!

She didn’t have a drivers license with her because she didn’t have one yet, but he didn’t ask for further clarification, so what of it?

Anyhow, I was given a speeding ticket but spared from a “driving illegally” ding at least.

I racked up two more speeding tickets before my seventeenth birthday and I was in a Saturday morning Defensive Driving course by fall of my senior year trying to get the suspension on my license lifted.

I’m much better than I used to be, though. There are days now when I actually would not deserve a speeding ticket, and those are days that I have driven the car.

But, there is a speed limit on a road in my lovely community that I’ve struggle to heed because it is SUPER ANNOYING!

It used to be 35 mph, but out of the blue it was recently changed to 25 mph.

It’s the last two-mile stretch of the old highway that connects us boony dwellers with the big city of Logan, which is already a painful 45 mph. Slowing down to 35 was hard enough!

Over the past several years new subdivisions have popped up along this stretch of the highway because our city planning was done by Obama before he became President. There is an elementary school around the corner so all the subdivvy kiddies have to walk along this road to get there, but there is a paved sidewalk set way off the road by a large landscaped island.

I would be happy to observe an uber-slow flashing light “School Zone” speed limit on this stretch of road during the two fifteen minute periods of the day when there are pedestrians using the sidewalk, but WHY must we go Grandpa-on-a-Sunday-drive slow for the other twenty three hours and thirty minutes of the day?

The story I heard about how the speed limit change on that road came about is that a Boy Scout made it his Eagle project to petition the city council about it.

Hmmm. I wonder who’s idea that was?

His mother’s perhaps?

And I’m pretty sure that scout was under the age of sixteen because there is NO WAY a teenage boy with a drivers license would work to reduce a speed limit.

He got suckered into being the poster boy for his mom’s cause because she just knew a city council couldn’t say “no” to a Boy Scout no matter how lame his idea might be.

This woman probably does her cardio walk on that sidewalk every day and is appalled by all the hot rodders zooming past at 35 mph. And, who knows but one day one of those rowdy minivan drivers might just loose control, veer over, hit the curb, hurdle across the twenty five yards of landscaping and mess up her walking pace iTunes playlist!

You built your house on a highway, lady! Deal with the risks.

There’s nothing worse than a community busybody.

Well, the other day I was coming into town on that road, making the last bend before I hit the snail straightway of Busybody Blvd, when I noticed the speed limit has been changed back to 35 mph!


I don’t know what happened to change it back, but I don’t care!

I hope it was another Boy Scout’s Eagle project to overturn the first Boy Scout’s Eagle project!

I hope some other mom who drives that road every day and is always late wherever she’s going, because she’s always trying to be so many things and so many places for so many people that she gets irritated when she has to slow down to 25 mph on a road labeled as a highway, so she told her scouter, “Hey son, I’ve got a great idea for your Eagle project.”

If that’s the case, I would love to meet that mom.

We’d be BFFs.

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