The Fabric of Time

Since Grandma passed away, my mom has been helping Grandpa go through Grandma’s things.

Moom called me the other day and said in their sorting they came across a whole bunch of fabric and asked if I wanted it since I like to sew.

Free fabric? Of course!

I picked up the bag of goods to find that the fabric was yards and yards of pristine 100% polyester in an array of groovy colors and patterns, most likely from the decade I was born in.

Since the sewing I do is mostly quilting, this pile o’ polyester isn’t going to be useful for that, but I’m keeping it anyway for a few reasons.

First, this fabric brought back tons of childhood memories of roller skating in my garage with my sister while our bell bottoms and feathered hair flapped to the beat of Leif Garrett records.

Second, now I know where my fabric hoarding habit comes from.

And third, how can you pass up a stack of fabric that is probably over forty years old and doesn’t look a day over 18!

If only my face and figure were made of 100% polyester.

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