So, I’m soaking in the tub for a few minutes of solace before I have to hurry and scrub down to get on with my day when, all of a sudden, our cat Jumpy comes hurling over the side of the tub and lands on my head!

We were both extremely surprised by this meeting, but Jumpy had the advantage because he has claws which he used to secure himself on my head for a couple seconds to steady himself before making a leap back out onto the floor.

“Ouch!” is an understatement.

You might be wondering why my cat was so anxious to share my bath. Well, for some reason Jumpy decided years ago that his source of hydration would be anything but his cat dish, even though we fill it with fresh water every day—well almost every day.

He prefers the toilet, a melted puddle of snow in the mud room and, his personal favorite, leftover bath/shower water. He anxiously awaits in the bathroom when anyone is showering or bathing so as soon as they are out and the water has drained he can jump in and lap up the leftover puddles.

Only this time, he apparently got confused.

Jumpy must have heard the water running from afar while dozing somewhere in the house. When he heard the water turn off and thought enough time had passed for me to wash and drain the tub, he must have thought the coast was clear to come get a swig. He couldn’t see that I was still in the tub because I was hunkered down soaking, so he made his usual leap into the tub only to be shocked by the obstacle of my head.

So, if you see me out and about with scratches on my face, don’t worry, I haven’t gone goth.

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