See Jane Play

Do you know how to have a romantic Valentine’s date with your husband?

Give it to him for Christmas.

That’s right, for Christmas I gave Jason tickets to the production of Jay Richard’s musical Jane Eyre at the Ellen Eccles Theatre for February 14th.

I covered two holidays in one! I’ve got multitasking down to a science.

Jason said since I took care of the activity, he would take care of the meal by making reservations for us at our favorite restaurant in Logan, Le Nonné.

Have you ever had their shrimp ravioli?


When I’m a goddess of worlds without end, it’s what I’m going to drop from the sky for my starving children lost in the wilderness, if they’re super good.

We partied with the kids on Valentine’s Eve so Jason and I could escape for our own night out on the official holiday.

Dinner was delish, as usual, and—added perk—the servers present every woman with a rose on Valentine’s Day. Then we headed to the theater down the street.

I never scrimp on theater tickets. If I’m going to see a live production, I want to really see it—faces, expressions, and emotions! Some people don’t mind nosebleed because they say it’s fun just to be there in the atmosphere.

Not me.

If I end up watching a live production up on a jumbo tron or through binoculars, I just as well have stayed home to watch it on TV for free wearing my sweats and Uggs. To me, it’s worth the extra $10-$40, or whatever cost, to have the full live theater experience.

For Jane, we had third row center seats. Perfecto!

The production was definitely worth seeing up close.

The cast was very professional, especially the leads! Kent Braddy’s lyrical tenor voice was dreamy enough to make any young, plain Jane of a girl swoon, even if Mr. Rochester is old, gruff, married, and eventually blind and destitute.

Karlee Heaps as Jane Eyre was lovely—intelligent and strong, yet vulnerable and feminine.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than sitting in the moody light of a beautiful, historic theater watching a tormented musical love story unfold with a live orchestra and a belly full of ravioli and pesto!

We loved it.

As we drove home, there was a romantic sliver of a moon hovering over the mountain.


We ended our holiday date with a tender kiss at the doorstep, then stepped inside the house to find all the kids still awake and the house trashed.

Major mood killer, but we’re used to it.

Why do you think we kissed before we went inside?

Jane Eyre is still showing, you know. There are two more shows: Monday and Tuesday. You can get tickets HERE.

As we were walking out of the theater, I heard a woman gushing about the production to her husband who responded, “It was good, but a little too chickish for me.” Then he said, “I think we is parked over this way, honey,” so don’t take his word for it.

Take mine!

Go see Jane play.

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