Fruity 1

This is a cookie.

I know it looks too pretty to eat, but in addition to being beautiful it is actually very tasty.

I know because I had one, or two.

Okay, three.

They were made by my friend for an event we were in charge of this past weekend.

In the planning stages of this event she offered to make 300 of these beautiful cookies to go with our theme and I told her it wasn’t necessary to go to so much trouble.

I knew she was willing and could do it, but it just seemed so overwhelming of a task and I didn’t want to put that on her.

It’s not like just anyone could really help her make them. She’s developed her mad cookie decorating skills over years of practice so she would have to make all 300 of these babies all by herself.

We decided instead to go with a Sam’s club sheet cake with little white rosebuds on each piece. That seemed elegant enough for the time and budget we had for this event. I thought the matter was settled.

But she was sneaky.

She made 300 of these beautiful cookies anyway, on the sly.

While they were setting the tables for the luncheon, her secret handiwork was revealed to me.

“You little sneak!” I accused her.

“Kari, I know you told me not to do it, and I know you just wanted to protect me from being stressed out and overwhelmed, but I wanted to do it! I just thought they would add a little extra touch. And I enjoyed doing it. It didn’t stress me out. It was fun for me!”

You have to know she is the sweetest person on the planet and oozes creative talent. I felt bad that I had stifled her. If she really wanted to do it, I should have just let her do it so she didn’t feel like she had to hide from me.

The cookies were the hit of the event.

Ladies went on and on about them and kept asking who made them. My friend told me not to tell, but I did anyway. I couldn’t lie, it was a church event.

Would I have gone to that much trouble for a cookie? No.

Do I think she’s fruity for wanting to make 300 intricate cookies that are just going to be gobbled up in a matter of seconds? Yes.

But did people appreciate the effort of this lovely detail she provided? Yes.

Sometimes less isn’t more.

Sometimes more is beautiful and worth it.

Thank you, Cindy.

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  1. Reply Tanna Tittle Mar 1,2013 10:42 pm

    These beautiful cookies and your beautiful friend remind me of Valerie Chandler. She was all things creative and crafty when we worked together in Relief Society nearly 20 years ago now, and she made everything we did beautiful. I was so grateful to her because that was where I lacked. It’s nice to have good, talented, and willing people around you. It’s what makes the world go round. 🙂

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