Worth-it Weekend

IMG_2440Despite the setbacks, I did manage to fit in some good times in Scottsdale over the weekend.

The reason for our trip was to join in the celebration of the Legacy Gallery’s 25th Anniversary Show. Owners Brad and Jinger Richardson are dear friends of ours who have represented Jason’s art for years and have been soooooo good to us!

The show reception was Friday night and the gallery was packed with artists, collectors, appreciators, friends, family and media folk. I felt very blessed to be able to make it to this very special event.

There were these mini cupcakes in various flavors that had swirls of frosting on top as tall as the cupcakes.

That’s my kind of cupcake.

Even with my stomachular situation, I couldn’t help but try one, or two.

Okay, three.

Remember, they were mini.

By Saturday morning I was able to walk almost erect and Jason and I sauntered around the galleries in Scottsdale Old Town and saw more amazing art.

I was particularly drawn to the Russian painters work. Those guys knew how to push the paint around, and they really dab it on thick. Of course, the juiciest work was from back when the paint was government issued so they could afford to be globby.

As we wandered I had to take a sit every so often to rest my weakened frame, so I got a chance to get jiggy with some of the locals.

IMG_2446The highlight of the trip was an art demonstration given by sculptor John Coleman at Legacy Gallery on Saturday afternoon.

One word describes him: Master.

In a two hour demo he did three different sculptures, all breathtaking.

He started with a glob of clay on a stick and formed it into a portrait of a Native American little girl, then a woman’s portrait, then an old warrior in full headdress.

He had just completed the little girl’s pristine face, then grabbed a handful of clay and slathered it on to add more chin and cheekbone to create a woman. When he completed the beautiful Native American maiden, he hacked away at her fine features to create the character of a weathered old man. As he sculpted he described what anatomical measurements and characteristics define gender and age, what gestures and postures show emotion, and so forth.

It was incredible!

It was very apparent the reason he was able to work so quickly and accurately on so many different concepts was due to a lifetime of research and study of anatomy, art, history, human psychology, and on and on.

I’ve been exposed to the elite western art market for many years now and have yet to learn so much so quickly about what makes good art than what I did during those two hours.

That demo was worth the trip right there.

Tasty cupcakes and an art master class.

That’s enough to call it a vacation.

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