Go With the Flo

floFlorida, here we come!

Yep, we’re wingin’ our way east to Wally’s World for some spring breaking.

I couldn’t stand the thought of staycationing again, so I traded in about a decade of credit card points for some airfare, finagled a timeshare condo from a friend, stalked the internet black market for some park pass deals, and streamlined our packing list so we could carry on all our luggage to save on baggage fees.

“Only pack three pairs of underwear, people! We’ll do laundry at the condo halfway through the trip. Toiletries are to be kept to a minimum. The girls and I will share a deo among us and Scott and Dad can share a manly Old Spice.”

The minions protested, “Ewwwww!”

“Hey, deodorant is self cleaning.” I don’t really know if that’s true, but we’re doing it anyway.

We spent all of yesterday madly working our way through the ginormous “To Do” list it takes to get ready to go and leave your house, animals, and life responsibilities behind for a week.

As we were checking through the kids’ bags for superfluous items and divvying out final prep assignments late last night, Scott asked “Why is going on vacation so stressful?”

Yes, there is stress involved in travel—especially with the fam—but it’s worth it once you get there, right?

I hope.

It better be.

This is the first biggie trip we’ve taken in four years so nobody better whine, or beg, or get lost, or puke.

Happy spring break to you!

If you’re stuck trying to make the best of a staycation, I’m soooooooo sorry.

I feel your pain.

I’ll think of you while I’m soaking up the Florida sun.

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