Sunday Sun Day

IMG_2624 The sun finally came out!

We finally had a day where we didn’t have to pull out our rain ponchos, so we headed for the beach!

Conditions were PERFECT on beautiful Cocoa Beach.

Not too hot, not too cold, not very many people, and the water was balmy compared to the Pacific Ocean. We’ve gone to SoCal for spring break and the water was frigid! I’ll have to google to find out why that is.

Jason and Scott immediately pulled out the soccer ball to play one-on-one, then soccer golf. They dug holes in the sand and tried to see how many shots it took them to kick the ball in.

IMG_2616Guys can turn anything into a game of golf, can’t they?

Madi and Ivy quickly started a shell collection.

I just sprawled out on a towel over the sand in the sun and did NOTHING.

True vacation, at last.

Later, Jason and I went for a leisurely walk down the beach like we were some old couple who’d retired to Florida.

I now understand the allure of that life.

IMG_2628As we walked hand-in-hand talking about nothing and letting the surf wash over our bare feet, it didn’t seem so bad to get old and useless to society.

When we got back the girls’ shell collection had multiplied considerably and they’d built an impressive mote.

Scott asked, “When are we going?”

I answered, “We’re at the beach in freakin’ Florida, dude!”

“I know, but I already played soccer and there’s nothing else to do here.” He obviously hasn’t grown up around surf bums, which will probably be a good thing for his future.

He’s my “Type A” kid. We still had three days of vacation left when Scott said, “Why don’t we just go home now. We’ve done lots of fun stuff and I really don’t want to miss two days of school.”

I coached him in the ways of leisure by telling him to just sit down, close his eyes, feel the breeze and sun on his face, push his toes in the sand, listen to the ocean, and breath the sea air.

“Then what?”

Epic fail.

He did read for a little while then entertained himself by pelting seagulls with pretzels.

I suppose we have just spent four straight days of jillion-kilowatt entertainment at the most extravagant amusement parks in the world, so the beach might seem too laid back for the hyper soul.

But my girls are natural beach babies and were perfectly content to soak in the sand, sun, and ocean atmosphere for hours.

At sunset, Scott was begging to go and the girls were begging to stay. We deferred being villains to either party by telling them we’d stay until our parking meter ran out because we were out of change.

We drove back to the condo with sandy toes, pink cheeks, and wet butts.

Life’s a beach.


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