IMG_2660You will never guess who was sitting twenty yards away from me in the Denver airport yesterday!

A guy who looks EXACTLY like Ben Affleck!

Doesn’t he though?

At first glance I was sure it really was him.

I mean who else with such good looks would sport such nasty facial hair and Dopey beanie unless he was trying to travel incognito to avoid paparazzi after the huge success of Argo?

Apparently just Ben and this dude.

As I slumped deeper into the anti-comfort airport benches with the metal armrests that stingily restrict lounging even though your flight has been delayed twice due to an April blizzard, out of the corner of my drooping eyes I spotted this Ben double.

After I realized it wasn’t Ben, I still decided to play paparazzi and sneak a pic.

It entertained me.

I’d already eaten a bag of M&MS and finished reading People magazine cover to cover, twice.

Even though I was being very discreet, I think the dude in the aqua beanie caught on to my scheme because he suddenly encouraged fake Ben to move several benches away for no apparent reason.

Unless they just wanted to move closer to the window to watch the plane be de-iced, again.

Travel delays bite.

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