Bite Me

IMG_2584Disney has built a billion-dollar empire on creating happiness, or at least a very convincing illusion of it.

When you’re in the world of Disney you believe in magic, dreams coming true, wishing on stars, and that you really could be an undiscovered princess incognito in a wooded cottage or distant tower just waiting for a prince to show up and save you so you can “Live Happily Ever After.”

That’s why I love Disney.

It’s an escape.

That’s why this sign I saw at Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom Park took me off guard, and cracked me up.

We were in the Dinoland USA section of the park wandering around some displays when we came across this series of signs out in the trees with illustrations of different dinosaur species on them. Whether a plant-eater or a meat-eater, all the signs were just generic portraits of the dinosaurs, except for this one of the Alioramus.

This particular sign portrayed Ali committing the dirty deed of carnivore life.

I don’t know why Disney decided in this instance to portray the darker side of the circle of life, but there it was.

Sometimes even Disney can’t deny that life bites.

For instance, sometimes you work until one o’clock in the morning on a project to meet a deadline because you’re way behind after basking in a week vacation of Disney magic, then in your tired delirium you accidentally make a wrong keystroke and delete everything you’ve just done.

There was no magic wand, fairy godmother, or pixie dust to fix my epic goof and Prince Charming was in the other room snoring his pillow flat.

In that moment of despair I wanted some big monster to crash through my house and swallow me whole to put me out of my misery.

Either that, or I wanted to be an Alioramus so I could bite off Mark Zuckerberg’s head for changing the world so fast.

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