Rockin’ Resemblance

IMG_2608While in Orlando, we hit historic Hard Rock Cafe for dinner one night.

I’m a Hard Rock fan and have frequented many Cafes in my travels with a collection of overpriced logo t-shirts and hats to prove it.

Though I admit, the atmosphere seems to be getting louder and louder to me.

I know, I know, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

But there were some contributing factors to my maybe-slightly-less-than-enthusiastic-Hard-Rockin’ attitude this time:
1. It was after 9 p.m. after a full day of head-banging roller coasters and virtual 3D sound-thumping rides at Universal Studios.
2. We had to wait over 30 minutes to be seated.
3. We waited over 40 minutes for our food.
4. Our waiter was old, ugly, and slow to refill my Diet Coke.

All this time gave us LOTS of exposure to the golden age of butt rock blasting from surrounding speakers with big screen TVs featuring music videos and concert footage of Ozzy, Stephen, and Ted flipping their sweaty mullets around.

Luckily, Hard Rock Cafe Orlando has upgraded their rock memorabilia collection into the 21st century with a huge interactive screen featuring all kinds of iconic rock images floating around on it. You just touch an image and an informational window pops up with all kinds of trivia, pics, and prompts.

This new feature at least entertained my children during all the waiting time so I could nurse my headache, hunger, and growing grouchy impatience alone.

While I had my head on the table and my fingers in my ears, I felt a sudden series of pokes on my shoulder that brought me out of my stupor, “Mom, Mom, we need your iphone! There’s this weird doll-thing on the screen that looks just like Scott and we want to take a picture of it!”

I gladly surrendered my phone to make them go away some more.

They excitedly came back to show me the pic you see above.

I don’t know what/who that is, or what it has to do with rock n’ roll history, but it does have an eerie resemblance to my son. He’s even wearing a red shirt!

Even in my delirium I couldn’t help but laugh, and laughing helped me pull out of my funk. I went over to the screen with my kids and started poking around hoping I’d find a bobble head of Stevie Nicks that looked like me.

Rock on.

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