Last Dance 1

promProm weekend.

My daughter’s last high school dance.


While I will not miss staying up until the wee hours of the morning altering a dress, putting in a zipper, taking up a hem, making sleeves or a bolero, I will miss doing hair, picking out jewelry, and giving a nervous teenage boy the stink eye while I pin a boutonniere on his lapel, accidentally poking him a little.

This is her third prom and she looked so grown up this time.

She had picked out a beautiful mermaid-style dress that required ZERO altering, adding, hemming or anything, which was reeeaaaaallly nice, once I got over the sticker shock. If you’re willing to shell out enough dough, it is possible to purchase a lovely dress with complete body coverage.

Remember the “pick any two” theory I discussed previously?

Well, this time we picked “pretty and modest” out of the three options, so ka-ching!

It’s her last dance and I suckered into sentimentality as I sat next to the mini-modeling runway at Petals & Promises Formal Wear Shop watching my baby model a series of gorgeous wallet-gouging gowns.

It didn’t help that we had my sister-in-law visiting from out of town with us who only has one son and kept saying things like, “I’ll never get to do this with a daughter. You’re so lucky. Enjoy this! Enjoy her!”

I did enjoy her, which translated to spoiling her, I think.

But she is a good girl and she offered to go halvesies with me on the cost, and considering the two other dresses we’ve bought for dances this year cost a total of twenty five bucks, I figured we could splurge this time.

The other two bargain dresses we found at the back of a boutique that was clearing out some slightly damaged/dirty dresses leftover from a formal wear shop that went out of business. Using oodles of Spray n’ Wash and creative altering, I put Cinderella’s mice to shame with my mad skills of drab to fab.

Truth be told, my mad skills are tired and the prospect of zipping Madi into a ready-to-wear dress the day of the dance was priceless. I even let her wear my very favorite shoes—a pair of killer sparkly 4-inch wedges I snagged at the Dillards clearance sale—to avoid having to take up the hem.

BUT, it was too good to be true.

Too simple.

Too stressless, right?

That’s not my life.

That’s not how I roll.

You know what’s coming, don’t you.

A few days before the dance a friend called, “Kari, I need a HUGE favor.”

Yep, her sophomore daughter was going to her first prom and they’d found a beautiful dress for a good price, but it needed sleeves added.

Of course I would do it.

I’m an advocate of modesty! A protector of teenager virtue! A woman married to a horndog who knows what bare skin does to male reasoning!

My friend showed up with her daughter, the dress, a case of Fresca and a bag of Riesens.

She’s a closer.

No, it wasn’t the blissful, stress-free week before prom I hoped for (and paid for), but I did get to send two proper young beauties out into a lovely spring Saturday night for the time of their lives.

Now I have almost a year before my next daughter starts her high school dance career.

Until then, I’m cutting off all friendships.

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  1. Reply Madi May 5,2013 10:10 pm

    Hey, we only spent $15 on this years dresses, not $25! 😉 All the dresses have been been beautiful. Thanks, Moom. Love ya. 🙂

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