Wave 2 the World

W2WA friend of mine is working with some students from Williamsburg Academy, a project-based online middle school, on a project called “Wave to the World. These students are trying to share a message with or “wave to” every recognized country in just 24 hours, starting today!

The purposes of this project are:

a) to show the impact for good youth can have.
b) to see the power of social media for ourselves, and to use it for good.
c) to connect with humanity around the world and make history.
d) to learn about teamwork and working well with others.
e) to learn the value of planning.
f) to see how important small actions are, and see for ourselves how connected the world is, and how important our tiny decisions are.

Get involved and be part of making history by clicking on WavetotheWorld.org!


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