Happy Hibachi Birthday

IMG_2726 IMG_2720Took the fam to Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse last night to celebrate Scott’s and Jason’s back-to-back birthdays.

Madi suggested it after eating there on her prom date last weekend.

Yum, yum!

That means “delicious” in Japanese.

Do you know what kabuki means?

I didn’t, so I looked it up.

According to Wikipedia, kabuki is “a classical Japanese dance-drama known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers.”

You might wonder why a restaurant would name itself after a theatrical production, but when you go to Kabuki Steakhouse you will understand.

It’s not just a meal, it’s a show too!

You can choose to have your meal prepared “hibachi style” right in front of your eyes with amazing culinary acrobatics and expertise. You’re seated around a large grill where Cool Hand Kenji manipulates fire, twirls spatulas, and composes foodstuffs into delicious entrees.

The chefs aren’t dolled up in elaborate make-up like true kabuki performers, but their production is very theatrical.

We even got to join in the drama by mouth catching flying morsels tossed into the air. My family was 5 for 5 at our table while the other family seated with us finished 0 for 3.


We are nothing if not Big Mouth Champions.

The only thing that would enhance the experience would be if the chefs could sing scenes from the witty opera The Mikado as they cooked.

I’ll suggest it to the management.

For now, I’m just pleased as punch to have a high quality interactive eating experience that isn’t over the canyon and through I-15 traffic.

Welcome to Cache Valley, Kabuki!

We’ll be back.

PS: Happy Birthday Jason!

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