Appy Dieting

diapAfter months of reckless consumption, it was time to throw the hammer down on my appetite.

I’ve been too lax for too long.

Usually when I’ve wanted to shed poundage, I haven’t followed an organized diet necessarily. I just cut back, modify, and dial up the workouts.

But I’m getting older. The weight doesn’t come off as easily.

It was time to pull out the big guns: a dieting/fitness app.

This is big for me.

I’m not a appy person.

I’ve worked very hard to ignore, avoid, and shun that world thus far.

I’ve never played a single game of Angry Birds.

But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I surrendered to the techo gods that are verocioulsy taking over every aspect of life and uploaded “My Fitness Pal” onto my iphone.

For ten disciplined, dutiful, deprived days I accounted to MFP every step, pedal, or lift exerted and each morsel of food to cross my lips, which consisted of veggies, lean proteins, and a few whole grains.

No ice cream.

No chocolate.

No baked goods.

No treats, period.

It’s been pure hell.

I made cookies for my family one day and snitched no dough and consumed nary a cookie crumb.

That’s bionic.

Then birthday weekend hit.

Two birthdays that ballooned into four days of partying with family and friends.

I tried to tap into the same super powers that got me through the cookie baking, but somewhere between a donut birthday breakfast, a Cafe Rio birthday lunch, a hibachi grill birthday dinner, a trip to Cold Stone, some homemade apple crisp, a pizza party, and an Oreo ice cream cake, I fell off the wagon and rolled into the Sugar Plum forest.

When I logged back into “My fitness Pal” this morning it gave me an app slap across the face.

Tough love, baby.

I pitifully climbed back on the wagon this morning and started the day with a breakfast of poached eggs and steamed spinach, and tonight I watched with renewed resolve as my family ate ice cream slathered with Magic Shell for FHE treats.

I cried as I watched them because I’m just sooooo appy.

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