Pinterest Perks

IMG_2829A few weeks ago I did the unthinkable.

I broke down and made a Pinterest account.

I’ve purposely been avoiding it.

I KNOW Pinterest is awesome.

I’ve heard ALL about it from ALL my friends.

That’s why I’ve been avoiding it.

I don’t have time for any more awesome things in my life to see, want, read, eat, make, or do!

There are only so many hours in a day and I’m already extremely prone to want to try everything, and do everything, and eat anything, and go everywhere and since I can’t keep up with what I’ve already got, the last thing I needed was continuous time-sucking exposure to more possibilities!

Pinterest is just as awesome as everyone said it would be, and now I’m more useless than ever.

Thanks everybody—NOT!

BUT . . .

There is a perk to Pinterest I wasn’t anticipating.

You see those darling sandals in the pic?

Well, if you happen to follow me on Pinterest you might recognize those beauties as something I pinned a while back on my “Get My Kicks” board.

I was just admiring them.

It’s not like I was really ever going to buy them.

Isn’t that what Pinterest is all about? Creating a collection that reflects how your life will never be and wasting your life doing it?

However, perhaps your husband is wondering what to get you for Mothers Day and he wants it to be a surprise, like something he knows you would love but would never buy for yourself and he wishes there was some way he could find a whole list of such things.

Though my hubby is not on Pinterest himself, he is aware of it.

Hello, when he runs out of clean underwear even more often than usual, he knows something is up.

But I never would have thought he would be so creative and thoughtful to use it to shop for me!

That was all him.

I said nothing.

I hinted zero.

In fact, I’ve tried to hide my Pinteresting from him out of shame. (I always forget the underwear shortage will tip me off.)

Pinterest is awesome, but I truly underestimated its magical powers.

Who knew Pinterest would make it so men could achieve the impossible: READ A WOMAN’S MIND!

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