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IMG_2870I’m a columnist!

Today my first column came out in print in the Wednesday edition of The Herald Journal in the “Life” section.

Two of my writing idols are Erma Bombeck and Dave Berry, and it’s been my dream to be a humor columnist like they are. I know the world is changing fast and furious, and everything is going electronic, and anyone and their mangy mutt can be a writer now via blogging, but there is something about seeing your writing in print in an official publication, for me at least.

This current techno-generation and future generations probably don’t or won’t give a flying fig about having writing in print, but it still means a lot to me and I’m super stoked to officially have the title of “Newspaper Columnist.”

So catch me every other Wednesday in the papers because now I officially have a “Life!”


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  1. Reply Jana May 23,2013 5:06 am

    Woohoo!! So proud of ya! It’s about time!

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