Obamacare Less

gradCongratulations to the graduating Class of 2013!

As of last night, my oldest offspring officially left behind her mandatory government-regulated education and is now free to join the heavily government-regulated adult work force.

Reality of this has come quickly for this new adult.

She is headed off to college in the fall and in need of mucho moolah to fund her upcoming independent life, so she got a summer job at the local pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Anxious to get as many hours as possible, she told her boss she was available to work full time.

The boss rolled his eyes, but was quick to explain his exasperation wasn’t at her. He said he would love to give her full-time hours but, due to the new Obamacare regulations, he couldn’t. He went on to explain that none of the summer staff members was going to be allowed to work over 32 hours because if they did, by law they would have to provide health care, which they can’t afford without charging Disney park entry prices for a dip in the community rec center pool.

Therefore, my daughter, who is ready and willing to work in order provide for herself and advance her education to become a contributing member of society, is being gypped on work hours because of a one-size-fits-all government program that is supposed to fix everything for everybody.

My daughter doesn’t need her own health insurance policy right now. She needs work hours. She’s currently covered by our family policy, which we finance all by ourselves because we are self-employed. It is pricey and has an extremely high deductible so we pay most day-to-day medical expenses out of pocket. But we budget carefully and carry coverage in case of expensive medical emergencies in order to be responsible citizens who try to keep from being a bleed on society.

By requiring companies to provide government healthcare to full-time employees, companies will do just what the pool where my daughter works is doing: reduce employee hours. This will reduce incomes and possibly opportunities for career advancement making people less independent and increase the odds of their need to rely on government assistance.

Then, because incomes will be reduced so will the amount of taxes paid, so the government will have less money to fund the programs deprived workers will eventually need!

Vicious circle.

This is the world I’m sending my daughter out into.

Because of The Great and Powerful Wizard of Ob, she’ll make $726 less this summer. That’s a semester of housing, or a whole year of groceries for a college kid.

Class of 2013, you’ve got your work cut out for you, but don’t loose heart. Use your brains and take courage.

Behind the smoke and mirror show produced by Emerald City’s mysterious hero was a sniveling fraud. Remember that Dorothy had the power to get herself home all along. She didn’t need anything out of that two-bit gypsy’s bag o’ tricks or a fantasy balloon ride powered by a bunch of hot air.

She just needed determination, supporters, a great pair of shoes, and a little help from a good witch.

Wand raised and ready.

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