Kari Berry

IMG_2974You see this BIG honkin’ bowl of lusciously red ripe strawberries?

I grew them in my garden!

I GREW them in MY Garden!

MY land produced FRUIT!

I live on a rebellious lot of cursed earth which I have slaved over, sweated for, spent on, and sworn at for seven years in an effort to tame into submission.

It FINALLY produced something that the grasshoppers didn’t gulp, the deer didn’t devour, the magpies didn’t munch, the dog didn’t dig up, the frost didn’t freeze, and the weeds didn’t wound before I was actually able to reap some fruit of my labors!

Aren’t they beautiful?

The pic is deceptive because it’s a REALLY BIG bowl!

It’s our family popcorn bowl and my family likes to eat A LOT of popcorn.

There are probably like eight cups worth in there, at least!

They are delicious too, not that I’ve eaten very many of them, nor am I going to allow anyone else to eat any of them.

They’re too precious!

They’re too rare!

I’m just going to stare at them.

Maybe I’ll shellac them in the bowl to display and enjoy for eternity because who knows if or when anything of color, beauty, or taste will ever spring forth from The Garden of Evil ever again!

I’m being a tad over dramatic, I know.

But if you only knew how I’ve suffered, the naughty words that have spouted from my usually-completely-appropriate lips over this stingy land I occupy, you’d understand.


I’ll share a few with my family before I start shellacking.

A few.

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