Flaunted House

houseThe other day I biked past this abandoned old house in the extreme outskirts of the valley.

Do you see what is below the boarded up windows?


Window boxes full of beautiful, spilling-over-the-sides greenery and flowers!

Sooooo unfair! I thought to myself as I almost went off the road and into a ditch as I gawked at them.

How is it that an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere has lush and colorful foliage bursting out of window boxes and I can hardly get anything to live in or around my house, which is full of living people who make at least somewhat of an effort to plant and nurture some vegetation around their property!

Who planted them?

Who takes care of them?

Who has time and ambition to plant and care for flowers at an abandoned house?

Are they antique residual perennials that have thrived all on their own for 150 years?

Or do the former occupants horticulture haunt the place?

How pathetic is it that ghosts have more of a green thumb than I do.

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