Willy & Julio

WillyJulioI LOVE my community!

Any community that would encourage two middle-aged men to dress up like Willy Nelson and Julio Iglesias and sing To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before is an awesome place to live.

Last week was the community talent show in conjunction with our week-long Pioneer Day celebration. We get all kinds of acts: singing, dancing, piano numbers, garage bands, string instrument performances, guitarists, rope jumpers, cloggers—the works.

It’s awesome!

But I must say, novelty acts like Willy and Julio are my favorites.

I mean, anybody can showcase real talent that has been fostered over years of lessons, practicing and discipline, but only a select few have the guts to put on a braided wig or spray tan and belt out a cheesy duet in front of their entire community.

They gave a great song dedication to start off. They dedicated it to all those girls out there they’ve loved before, which between these two guys has got to be into the hundreds (we won’t estimate how many of these girls actually loved them back). They also included their wives in that group, then apologized if that sounded creepy, which it kinda did, but was still sweet.

Then they twanged and crooned like true wannabe womanizers.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been an encore jam of Simon & Garfunkel’s Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard.

Rex and Tarty, you are my heroes.


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