Pioneer Parade

PioneerDayParade(1907)Last Saturday, my family did party hardy from dawn to dusk at our little community’s Pioneer Day celebration, but yesterday was the official state holiday and I wanted to be at least a little festive, so I grabbed the one kid who was home and headed into Logan for their annual Pioneer Day parade.

While there were lots of fun entries, I will say there were some glaring absences.

Where were the marching bands? Where were the cheerleaders? Where were the school club floats? Teams? Officers?

In Cache County we have three high schools and a university and there was not a single marching band in the parade. There was one entry with a few USU football players and officers walking down the street, but for such a big university it was very meager.

I know it was the middle of the week. I know it’s the summer and people are busy and vacationing, I was just surprised it wasn’t a priority for our schools to have representation in the Pioneer Day parade.

I also missed the horses.

There was only one horse in the whole parade and it was a tiny pony pulling a little wagon. It was super cute, but it had to represent its entire species alone in that parade, which is a big responsibility for such a little pony.

The classic cars in the parade were great and there were lots of pretty princess floats with lovely girls in fancy dresses, which is great classic parade stuff. Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist—they waved, and I waved back.

Some gymnastics and dance clubs from the valley had great entries with dancers boogying down the road, gymnasts hand-springing down the street, tricksters on trampolines and parallel bars on the back of flatbeds—fun! I did my share of back handsprings down a hot tar road in my day.

There were tons of Tootsie Rolls.

Wal Mart must have had a killer sale on bulk bags of Tootsie Rolls because that was the treat to chuck of the day.

I’m not a big Tootsie fan. The wax-to-chocolate ratio is way off there. I much prefer the parade classic of salt water taffy. We did catch a couple of frozen Otter Pops which was awesome. We thought we’d struck gold when a kid handed us coupons for free salads at Costa Vida. Then we read the fine print that said you had to get an insurance quote from an agent to get it, so that was a bust.

After the parade we were going to head over to Willow Park to bum around the booths and displays, but those Costa Vida coupons did put the idea into our heads of sitting down and eating lunch in a nice air conditioned restaurant instead of waiting in a long line in a hot crowded park for a Navajo taco, so we opted for that.

After lunch I went home and did laundry.

Very fitting for a Pioneer Day, since that’s how many a pioneer woman spent her days.

Hope you had a good holiday!

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