Don’t Have a Hernia! 2

herniaHave you ever said to someone who is freaking out over something, “Sheesh, don’t have a hernia!?”

I have.

I’ve said it lots of times and only now do I realize I wasn’t just telling someone to chill, but actually giving them excellent advice because avoiding a hernia is a very good thing.

I now know this because I’ve been diagnosed with a hernia.

It happened in a disc in my neck.


Oh, the pain.

I had no idea.

It’s the most continuous discomfort I’ve experienced since childbirth. (I know, I know, women always go there, but we’ve earned it.)

The reason it’s so horrible is because it’s not just an ache in the area of injury. There’s pain, and spasms, and twitching, and numbness in places beyond the herniated disc because the disc is in your spine, and your spine is the mothership for your nerves so those nerves get all pinched and aggravated and scream at you down your arm and in your back and shoulder.

There’s no comfortable way to stand, or sit, or sleep.

Sleep—oh, how I miss you!

For years I’ve taken for granted just lying down in bed in whatever position feels comfy, then drifting off to dreamland like it’s the easiest, most natural thing in the world.

Now I squirm, and toss, and turn, and try to finagle my body into some position, ANY position that will at least minimize the discomfort long enough to trick my brain into thinking of something other than “Ouch . . . Ouch . . . Ouch,” so I can snooze for even a fitful few hours.

The position I can tolerate the most while standing or sitting is resting my arm on my head.

This has brought on more than a little mocking by my children, “You look weird, Mom.”

They don’t understand.

I hope they never have to understand—little punks.

I hope the next time they’re going all ballistic because I won’t let them take the car, or they’re grounded from their friends, or I bought the wrong flavor of Pop Tarts, so I say to them, “Sheesh, don’t have a hernia!” they’ll listen to me and spare themselves such agony.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Have a Hernia!

  1. Reply Donna Marie Montgomery Mingus Aug 25,2013 8:19 am

    Hello Kari I know what you mean by having herniating disks I have them also and I have had a bulging disk took out of my lower back and then had to have a cage put in due to the fact the disk was barely hanging on and Dr told me if I didn’t have it done I would be paralyzed from the waste down so trust me I know what you mean please don’t wait to long to get it fixed just a little advise.Also so you know who this is sorry I use to go to Weber High School with you my name is Donna Marie Montgomery “Mingus” that is my married name the Montgomery is my maiden name.You have a very nice family I live in Montana so don’t get to talk to much of the ones I went to school with but its real pretty here.We live 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park and are surrounded by the Yellowstone River.Well good to talk to you enjoy your week hugs my friend

  2. Reply Heather Rattray Aug 28,2013 6:50 pm

    Ouch ouch ouch
    I sympathise I had a bulging disc touching the sciatic nerve so (hugs) it hurts
    I hope you get relief soon do not ignore it.
    Due to my job as a Special needs nurse for 15 yrs,it took its toll on my spine.
    I am a wheelchair user as my sciatic nerve is permanently damaged,please take care
    Love Heather x

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