bootsLet me officially introduce you to this fall’s boot affair:
“Joan of Arctic Mid Wedges.”

I know what you’re thinking: Those boots look exactly like her boot affair from last year, only shorter.

Well, you’re right.

But less is more, right? And I would love to have more of this less.

Aren’t they sweet?

Rustic but classy, modern yet timeless.

Mid-length boots have lots of great options because they fit well under boot leg jeans, or you can wear them with a cute pair of wooly socks scrunched over the bottom of skinny jeans, or wear them with tights and a skirt, or wear them to bed with a cozy pair of PJs and dream of fashionable adventures.

The possibilities are endless!

I’m trying not to get too attached though because I had a traumatic experience with my boot affair of last year.

I didn’t write about it then because it was too difficult, but I’m ready to tell my sad tale.

I actually owned the full-length “Joan of Arctic Wedges” affair boots of last year for one glorious day.

It was my birthday!

Jason surprised me with them.

Isn’t he the sweetest?

They were out of the box and on my feet before birthday cake was sliced.

I LOVED them, except . . . they felt a little bit too big.

Actually, a lot bit too big.

Jason ordered my right size, but they were very roomy. The thought of taking them off and returning them was just too painful, so I brushed off my concern as being overly picky and wore them around the house a bit thinking they would morph to my feet in no time.

Unfortunately, that’s not how leather works.

As my feet sloshed around in the extra space my concern grew. I went online and looked up reviews and found that several people commented that they’d ordered their usual size and the boots seemed to run big. But one lady said she was so in love with the boots she was just going to stuff the toes with socks and go with it.

That’s the spirit!

I got some socks, stuffed the toes, and wore my beautiful new boots around the house some more.

You know what? Wearing socks stuffed in the toe of heeled boots is not very comfortable. And for what Jason paid, these babies should be second skin.

I removed them from my sad, cold feet.

I carefully wrapped them back in the hoards of tissue paper, and cardboard, and plastic, and bubble wrap, put them in the box and mailed them back for an exchange.

I consoled myself with the fact that I would soon get a pair of boots back that would fit perfectly and we’d never have to part again.

I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
No boots, no notification, no nothing.

So I called.

They said they were still processing the exchange. My birthday is a couple weeks before Christmas in the thick of the holiday shopping rush, so I tried to be understanding, and patient, and non-onry about it.

December came and went, I heard nothing.

January came and went, I heard nothing.

In February I called again.

I got an answer like this, “Oh, your exchange must have gotten lost in the shuffle of the busy holiday season. We’ll get right on it.”

They didn’t get right on it.

At the end of February I got a notice in the mail saying they were so sorry about the delay, but unfortunately those boots in that size were no longer in stock, so they just gave me a refund and a lame “$10 off your next purchase” coupon for the inconvenience.



I missed a whole winter of looking super stylish in those boots! That’s more than an inconvenience. That’s a crime punishable by Heidi Klum!

By then it was almost March when boot season is giving way to sandal season, so I did my best to put it behind me and move on.

Now boot season is back. I’ve found love again, but I’m gun shy. I never thought in a million years I’d actually get the boots of my dreams last year, but I did, then I didn’t—it was crushing.

I know they say, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” but whoever said that must not be a boot lover.

So I’m admiring these cute middies from afar.

If they come into my life at the right time in the right size, then so be it.

If not, then it was never meant to be.

(Pssst, Jason, remember they run big, so order down a size this time!)

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