bowOctober—what a dramatic month!

Neon foliage, schizophrenic weather, garden harvest bounty, fierce football rivalries, pumpkin recipes, and a government gridlock triggering a full-blown shut down—this month’s got it all!

I have some friends who named their son October.

He was born in May.

Go figure.

Anyway, October has definitely come in with a bang this year.

Did you see that sky last night?

Boom baby!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow that vivid. It was a full-scale double decker set off by that dark gray sky on the East side of the valley, while on the West side, the last intense sunlight of the evening pierced through purple, pink and orange clouds over the kaleidoscopic vegetation of the Wellsville mountains.

I was sure a unicorn would come bursting through the clouds any minute to complete the scene.

And do you know what was at the end of that rainbow? Three buckets of plump, fresh-picked raspberries, which are like gold if you’ve priced them lately.

Yep, I witnessed this spectacular scene play out as I was driving home from picking raspberries from my in-law’s bionic berry patch. I think I ate about $40 worth of raspberries by the time I pulled into my driveway.

Three buckets of golden berries and a million dollar show by Mother Nature.

Maybe I’ll change my name to October.

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